SOFEE's programmes are the vehicles through which the vision, mission, objects, mandates and activities of the organization are processed and executed under specific thematic arrangements for the benefit of its intended target audience or beneficiaries. These programmes include:

The foundation started operations in 1998 running capacity building programmes for the SME subsector, including training workshops, counselling and mentorship for SME Business Operators who have benefitted tremendously under the SOFEE's Cost-Effective SME's Business Empowerment Programme.

The foundation has also initiated Student and Youth Empowerment Programmes which are on course with Students and the Youth being the direct beneficiaries of the respective initiatives. The Foundation places great premium on these two pro-gramme segments as much work needs to be done to harness the huge economic potentials which are derivable from their Gifting, Creativity and Energies when put in proper use.

In line with various International Conventions, including CEDAW, the foundation believes in empowering women, through the development of their productive capacities. To achieve this, the foundation trains both aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs. The foundation is also involved in public enlightenment, campaign and advocacy in a bid to encourage women to succeed in business and leverage to achieve growth.

Further, the foundation has successfully run programmes intended to shape Corporate and Public Policy on Economic Platforms beneficial to Corporate Organizations in Private and Public Sectors, Federal, State & Local Governments, Local & Multi-National Business Communities. The foundation runs Policy and Management programmes including training and consultancy specially designed to improve and strengthen the productive capacities of the benefitting key Economic Players as Facilitators and Drivers of Economic Transformation and Growth.