Sam Ohuabunwa Foundation for Economic Empowerment (SOFEE) started operations in 1998 running capacity building programmes for the SME sub-sector, including training, workshops, counselling and mentorship for SME business operators who have benefited tremendously under the SOFEE Cost Effective SME Business Empowerment Programme.
The foundation has also initiated Student and Youth Empowerment Programmes which were on course with Students and the Youths being the direct beneficiaries of the respective initiatives. SOFEE places great premium on these two programme segments as much work needs to be done to harness the huge economic potentials which are derivable from their gifting, creativity and energies when put in proper use.

In line with various international conventions, including CEDAW, SOFEE believes in empowering women through the development of their productive capacities. To achieve this, the foundation trains both aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs. The foundation is also involved in public enlightenment, campaign and advocacy in a bid to encourage women to succeed in business and leverage to achieve growth.
Further, the foundation has successfully run programmes intended to shape corporate and public policy on economic platforms beneficial to corporate organisations in the private and the public sectors, federal, state and local governments, local and multinational business communities. SOFEE runs Policy and Management Programmes including training and consultancy specially designed to improve and strengthen the productive capacities of the benefiting key economic players as facilitators and drivers of economic transformation and growth


As apostles in the market place, it is the mind of God to make use of our gifts and talents in the furtherace of His purpose in all the sectors of the world economy as empowered by Him, even as our Lord Jesus Christ said 'Occupy till I come' - Luke 19:13


By God's blessings, to see all attain total economic empowerment, with none left behind


Empower individuals, organisations, groups, communities and nations through economic advocacy, capacity building, consultancy and training on entrepreneurship, job creation, management and business excellence


The foundation is committed to evolving, utilising and imparting robust and time-tested knowledge, skills, character and other resources required foe overall economic and financial well-being of all in the human society


What We Do

  1. Help create awareness and understanding of economic and financial oppor-tunities and how to take good advantage of them.
  2. Assist and facilitate in job creation and motivate shift from seeking 'non-existing' paid job to creating gainful employment for 'self' and others.
  3. Teach and impart knowledge and skills about how to establish solid enterprises and businesses and run them profitably.
  4. Teach and impart knowledge and skills about how to develop and improve existing businesses with strategies for growth and profitability.
  5. Design affect and shape excellent macro and micro economic policies with view to making positive impact on individuals, SMEs, Corporate Businesses, Organizations, Communities, Governments and Nations.

How We Do Them

  1. Conduct research into areas of individual, corporate, institutional, communal, state and national economic and financial needs.
  2. Gather and document relevant information affecting their economic and fi-nancial well-being; develop and maintain same as comprehensive database to be accessible and used by interested parties.
  3. Policy Advocacy, Public Enlightenment, Lobbying and Sponsorship of Rele-vant Legislative Bills that aids Entrepreneurship, Industry, Trade & Invest-ment into Law.
  4. Educational & Communication Technology Capacity Development, Curricular & Career Re-orientation & Development.
  5. Training & Consultancy, People & Institutional Development, Project Man-agement, Organizing Business Missions, Fair & Exhibition Services.
  6. Publication of Articles, Books, Journals, Magazines, Web & Electronic Media Contents.
  7. Strategic Alliances & Partnerships with Government Institutions, Individuals Societies and Organizations that share in Our Organizational Objectives, Philosophy, Vision and Mission and Would Complement Our Work.